Tuesday, October 19, 2004

St. Petersburg

At the end of last summer I managed to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and the world St. Petersburg. Actually now St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. But nobody could suppose that 300 years ago.
The rise of St. Petersburg is connected with the fight of Peter I against the Swedes in the Russian-Swedish war. Peter I needed fortresses in this war and the birth of St. Petersburg was accompanied by the roar of guns and the smoke of powder. The colossal figure of Peter the Great cannot be compared with any other in Russian history. His epoch the end of the 17th and the first quarter of the 18th century is the time of the greatest achievements and brilliant military victories, and marks the entry of Russian in the family of European peoples. St. Petersburg is the city where the new life of Russia, its culture and history were born.
In the subsequent centuries St. Petersburg lived through bright periods of triumphs on the one hand and horrible dramas of the Revolution and war on the other. St. Petersburg occupies a very special and outstanding place in Russia: it has become the symbol of Russian culture, science, spiritual development. The city is a real museum, which leaves nobody indifferent. Everyone who visits it for the first time is captured by its beauty and remains charmed by it as long as he lives. Visitors to St. Petersburg admire its imposing straight streets its giant squares, it’s marvelous palaces. The city is surrounded by a halo of its unique historic destiny. Few cities in the world were born and developed so rapidly and so triumphantly.
And it is not odd at all that not only visitors are charmed and captured by its beauty. The beauty of the captured imagination of many poets including Pushkin, Blok and Brodsky.
In conclusion I would say that doubtless anyone who visits St. Petersburg at any time at the year will never forget its charm and beauty.